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The latest studies show:

Damp sports shoes encourage fungal growth.
The best method to combat this is disinfection by means of UV light.

Whether you do sport, trek, or even if you're just someone who takes an occasional brief walk; in all of these cases, your feet are the part of your body that work the most. So it's quite natural that your feet start to sweat, and that your socks and shoes become damp, or even wet. Especially in the case of children, this perspiration is even more strongly defined. Their shoes begin to smell bad, and bacteria can begin to form very quickly. In contrast to your socks, which you wash and dry daily, your shoes remain "untreated" from day to day. Shoes just can't be washed as simply as all that.
Take a look at our hygiene hints!
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Disinfect textiles and shoes

Almost all skin and nail fungi - whether dermatophytes, yeast fungus or mould - love humid, warm and musty conditions. Airtight fibres in many sports and skating footwear, Wellington boots, plastic sandals or nylon socks create humid and warm climate zones in which fungus thrives and multiplies. In addition, you must also take into account the fact that fabrics which contain mainly synthetics cause the skin to perspire. The result: the skin becomes soft and swells; now the pathogens can adhere especially well and can penetrate into the fabric more easily.

This means that disinfection at the places at which the skin comes into contact with the fabric of textiles and shoes is especially important!

Disinfection with ultraviolet light is a scientifically proven and reliable method. As well as being used for surfaces, drinking water is also disinfected with ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nanometers. This especially short-wave light is deadly for bacteria such as salmonellae, coli-bacteria, as well as yeast and fungi. Though the UV dose used in Steri Dry is low, the long exposure time of several hours and the very short distance the light travels is completely sufficient to turn shoes aseptic. If you compare this to the UV exposure duration of yoghurt pots, you will realise that with Steri Dry, your shoes will become completely germ-free.

Austrian Chamber of Physicians, Athlete's Foot: Disinfecting Textiles and Shoes
Innovation report, Scientific Forum, Industry and Economy; Intensive ultraviolet light in the fight against bacteria in packaging materials, 16.12.2011

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